So, how much do promotional videos cost? It’s hard to say.

There are a lot of factors that can influence a promotional video’s price, from video length and production quality to even things like location, props, actors, video effects and much more.

That’s why today we’re going to talk about what goes into making a video and what are some price ranges for different services that may be included in one.

Basic costs

Typically the most basic promotional video consists of someone talking in front of the camera about the product or service they want to promote. We call this a talking head video. This would range anywhere between 800-1000 euro. This includes two crew members on location for one day of shooting, plus editing. 

Sometimes this could do the job on its own, but it doesn’t make for a very engaging video. For that reason, a second camera can be added to give the viewer more stimuli to stay engaged. Moreover, B-roll can be added as well to key talking points to compliment what the interviewee is saying.

But this will obviously ramp up the price, as there is more time spent planning and getting the necessary shots. It’s hard to say what this might cost, but look for the price to double, if you have loads of additional shots in mind.

Additional costs

Competition is fierce out there, where everybody is working hard to get people’s attention in every way they can. So in order to stand out from the rest, we will need to get creative.


Music plays a big role in how you engage with your customer, but this also comes with a price. Licensing music could range anywhere from 40 to 240 euro, depending on your video coverage. The bigger the audience, the higher the cost.

Online use tends to be cheaper, whereas TV could cost more, especially if it’s for international use. The same goes if using video for events. The higher the attendance, the higher the price.


Another great way of keeping people interested in your video is the use of voice-overs.

Studies have proved that people pay better attention and stay engaged longer if they hear a soothing voice. A professional voice talent that can deliver your message with confidence and targets the audience can sell your product with ease.

Depending on video usage, prices can range from around 150 to 400 euro, and you can use different apps to have a voice-over done. 

Still, it’s best to hire a professional who can give you your brand familiarity and enhance the product with their expertise.

Visual effects

A simple animating logo can make your brand more memorable.

Also, an animated text comes in handy when you are trying to promote a more technical product. 

It can make the process more playful and a cheaper alternative when trying to get challenging shots.

We can see why it’s used by so many to promote their products. The cost of such services ranges from 300-1000 euro depending on the level of complexity.

Hiring actors and extras

Hiring the right actor or actress will make your promotional video stand out. Not only does it get the job done a lot faster but, it’s also easier to work with professionals.

The cost of hiring actors varies. It can be a bit more expensive due to different factors such as location, experience, demands.

But a good actor will deliver the message to the audience by creating a better engagement, using verbal and emotional skills.


Depending on the type of production, props could be inexpensive or cost a fortune. 

Some examples of props are practical lighting, furniture, plants, costumes. The list goes on and on.

They focus the audience’s attention and interest and compliment your video’s message. It helps build a story you desire to promote. For example, a cozy living room will deliver a message of warmth, or darker lighting can suggest a more romantic tone. 

Props are most effective to give a visual and memorable sense of your video. 

Other expenses

This is the tricky part. Sometimes, depending on the project, other expenses may occur, such as transporting crew and equipment on location, location permits, stock footage, and images, or equipment rental.

If you feel the project can be more of a hassle, maybe you should consider hiring a video production company. A video production company comes in place with its expertise and enhances your promotional video quality.