First, what is video marketing?

Video marketing works and will dominate the advertising world for at least the next decade.

Sales and marketing teams are using this tool more and more nowadays to promote their business.

Why is that?

It’s all about the easiness and efficiency that video marketing brings to the table.

We live in a fast era where nobody seems to have time for anything, and studies show that the attention span decreased over the years.

So, the marketers had to develop the solution to make anything they are trying to promote stand out from their competitors and make themselves memorable.

They found out that videos are the key is to help the audience to get the whole picture in a shorter time frame.

Videos deliver messages better with the audience, being straightforward, more animated, and easier to understand.

Easier to remember as you combine visual and audio, so you double the impact.

Video marketing has a great return of investment (ROI), especially when you have a marketing strategy on all social media platforms like YouTube, Linked In, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat.

The target is to be visible to all your clients, so everyone can watch you closely and trust you more.

You can choose an explainer video for your product or service where you can show how it works, or highlight the benefits, or just a simple animated fun video does the job.

No matter what type of video you choose to promote your message, you win.

Second, what video marketing does?

Storytelling in video marketing

Creative videos allow for face-to-face experiences between consumers and businesses.

By just telling your brand story in a live video, you are engaging the audience with transparency.

Therefore, you are building awareness, and what’s more important, you are building trustworthiness about your product or services.

If it stands out, the video not only increases website traffic but also, in a matter of days, ends up getting millions of views. And advertising at such a scale brings sales.

Why does it work?

Video marketing helps with SEO

Video advertising is like a diamond for SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

The key is to make it easy for Google and your business to become best friends in the future.

When people search for your stuff on Google, your video is more likely to be seen first.

Video marketing works very well because it’s also more shareable.

Whether your client is waiting in a queue, there’s always enough time to watch a video.
They’ll also have the time to share it with their friends if found useful.

If you don’t have a video marketing strategy yet, don’t hesitate to give us a shout!